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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Supply chain services with flexible,
proportionate costing.

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3PL Third Party Logistics
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3PL Glossary

Third-party logistics, often abbreviated 3PL and TPL, is the provision of outsourced logistics services for a companies supply chain and its management. Crest Logistics are both a greneral 3PL provider, and a Healthcare tailored 3PL provider. We usually tailor an integrated operation, warehousing, and ditribution service to each individual customer. Determined by the conditions of the customer's market, we analyse the demands and delivery requirements which best suit their business offering. At Crest we offer more than just logistics, and provide many value-added services in both production and procurement of goods. This makes Crest Logistics an ideal partner to help scale your supply chain effectively. Our solutions help your warehousing, transportation, and fulfilment services grow, with prices that are flexible and proportionate.

3PL Defined

A firm providing intergrated logistics services that include things such as: warehousing, transportation/distribution, freight forwarding, cross-docking, picking & packing, and inventory management.

Versions of 3PL Provision

There may be more than one third party logistics model that suits your business, fotunately at Crest Logistics we can emulate all of the most popular solutions.

3PL Provider: a standard service that provides supply chain solutions for pick and pack, warehousing, and distribution, the essential logistics functions. Some companies which provide this level of service do so on an ad-hoc level and focus the majority of their business on other activities. Here are Crest we are entirely focused on logistics, meaning you get all of our attention.

Logistics with Service Development: one of our favourite solutions, one which helps deliver added-value to many aspects of the supply chain, and helps us feel like an extension of your business. We provide tracking and tracing services using a real-time database, cross-docking to ensure maximum transportation efficiency, and can also provide more unique services involving custom packing requirements and security features. We use our professional IT services to help deliver this solution effectively.

Bespoke Adaption: a niche solution centered solely around end-user requirements, and focusing primarily and improving the logistics of the operations.

Bespoke Developer: this solution fully integrates at all levels of the supply chain and is as involved as a third party logistics provider can get. The 3PL provider integrates with the client to the level where is controlls all of the logistics functions, performing in-depth and far-reaching activities on a daily-basis.

Ad-hoc Transport

A recent service to the industry as a whole where the logistics firm offers ad-hoc logistics and on-demand transport of goods usually to very specific supply chain needs and often for unique clients.

This service costs more than the equivelant general 3PL service because of the immediate and specific nature of the service required, and the availability of service from the provider.

To facilitate this service effectively third party logistics providers often run a call-center. For clients that don't require frequent distribution, this can be a very viable solution because of its convenience.

Medical (Healthcare) Logistics

Also known as Healthcare Logistics, this service is for the supply chain management of medical and pharmaceutical equipment and goods. The clients and end-users are typically within the healthcare professsion or related services. We supply to the NHS, GPs' surgeries, and dentists. This service is all about being effective in the delivery of logistics to the highest standards and is offered when care for the product outweighs the importance operational efficiencies/low costs.